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Executive College – Tech Talk 2023

TRAINFORMATION Driving Change through Transformative Training !

🌟 Meet Our Trainers 🌟

🤖 Generative AI: Ts. Ir. Shawn Mckenzie brings a deep understanding of the AI revolutions’ third wave, focusing on generative AI and its impact on various industries. His insights into the latest developments and applications of AI are sure to broaden our horizons.

🎨 Animation & VR Development : With a passion for creativity and storytelling, Tc Ayden Lim is passionate in the art of animation. From the basics of character design to the intricacies of animation production, their knowledge will inspire the artist in all of us. His expertise in VR development will guide us through creating captivating virtual experiences and understanding the future of this dynamic field.

Be ready to be inspired, informed, and empowered to embrace the future of technology and creativity.

Stay tuned for an enlightening and transformative learning experience!

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