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Am i Eligible to participate?

What is MD Workforce Training?

A fully incentivised training programme to encourage workforce in Malaysia to position themselves for success in the digital tech job market by acquiring digital skills that are in high demand. Learn the skills that employers in the digital technologies industry are actively seeking to elevate your employability and earning potential!

  • Open to individuals who are Malaysian citizens.
  • Age from 21 – 55 years old.
  • Maximum one (1) training per person.
  • Currently employed, unemployed, fresh graduate, or self-employed.
  • Meet the training prerequisites from the training providers.
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Leverage the Power of Generative AI Technology (1 Day)

This program is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed for future-proof careers in the field of Generative Artificial Intelligence and focuses on training individuals to utilize Generative AI technologies effectively, providing them with the tools to innovate and thrive in an ever-evolving technological landscape.


Reallusion Certified Digital Animation in Character Creator 4 & iClone 8 (5 Days)

This program is designed as a comprehensive 3D animation creation workflow. No prior experience is necessary, as the course will guide you through every step of the process, enabling you to create your own realistic digital human and produce a professional animated video.



Registration is Now Open for June 2024 onwards

Transform yourself with our transformative training program. Our transformative training is the key to unlocking your true potential.


How to Enroll

Step 1

Confirm if you meet the program's criteria

Step 2

Choose a suitable training program from the offerings

Step 3

Attend and engage in the scheduled sessions

Step 4

Complete the program to receive your certificate



Past Training

Frequency ask question


Participation in the professional certification exam is encouraged but not obligatory. MDEC will cover 50% of the certification exam fee once the Participant successfully passes the certification examination. MDEC will not cover the cost if the participant fails or retakes the exam.

The training is fully subsidized by MDEC with a limit of 1 training course per Participant. Should you opt to take the Certification exam, MDEC will cover the cost of 50% of the certification incentive (upon passing the examination). This solely applies to courses that have the option for professional certification under MD Workforce Training.

Each participant is eligible to apply for only one (1) training under this programme.

Upon successfully completing the training, a certificate of completion will be issued by the Training Provider.

If you register for the training but are unable to attend, kindly notify โ€˜the Training Providerโ€™ at least three (3) working days in advance. Neglecting to adhere to this requirement may have implications on the approval of your subsequent applications.

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